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Renovation Loans: Purchase or Refinance

A renovation loan will combine the after improved value of both the cost of repairs and the home financing (or refinancing) all into one loan. This process allows contractors to do the work after closing—saving the borrower time and money.

Turn a Fixer Upper into Your Dream Home

Purchase—Are you having trouble finding you dream home?

The purchase renovation home loan is best for the home buyer looking to purchase a property that needs a little work or a few upgrades, commonly referred to as a “fixer-upper.” Whether your dream property needs a new roof, a kitchen upgrade, or a complete renovation overhaul, the renovation loan provides qualified borrowers the financing they need to purchase the property and fund their future home’s improvement costs.

Refinance—Dreaming of new cabinets and a bigger bathroom?

The refinance renovation home loan is best for the homeowner(s) interested in major renovations or minor improvements on their existing home. Our refinance renovation loan is the perfect solution to turn your “now home” into your “forever home.”

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Need a Renovation Loan?

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Land Home has dedicated an entire team to handle the nuances of these specialize home loans. The Land Home Renovation team is a specialized group of renovation loan experts with over 20 years of experience whose sole focus is guiding customers through the entire renovation loan and remodel process from initial interest all the way until the final inspection.

Abundant Finance Options

We'll Work with Your Situation

Land Home provides both government and conventional and, purchase and refinance renovation home loans. Loan qualifications differ between products with each loan option carrying . Get Pre-Approved its own unique credit score and down payment requirements, all determined by the prospective borrower’s financial situation.

Land Home Financial Service, Inc.

Specializing in Specialty Home Finance Since 1988

Established in 1988, Land Home has built its brand on serving the unique needs of underserved home buying markets. Renovation home finance is a niche market with many nuanced qualifications and steps deserving specialty expertise. Most lenders lack the particular knowledge set, expertise, and relationships renovation loans require. To adequately serve this market, Land Home employs a team of nationally licensed renovation home loan experts whose sole responsibility is handling the needs of the renovation home loan market.

Using after improved appraisal value, a one-time close, and a 60-day close window; the Land Home Renovation team is committed to helping you buy and create your dream home.

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Benefits of a Renovation Loan

Whether your renovations are large or small, necessary or optional, a renovation loan:
  • - Covers fixing, updating, or total renovation of your home
  • - Amount is based on the value of your home including the proposed changes
  • - Repairs are done after closing, with one monthly payment
  • - Down payment can be as little as 3.5% on purchases for qualified borrowers

"I like the reverse mortgage because I can put money into my line of credit and it grows for me tax-free. I like the fact that I don’t have to make monthly payments, unless I want to."


Fresno, CA

"Our community-focused lending model is the key to our success. When a mortgage banker focuses on community relationships, borrowers make informed, smart decisions leading to sustainable community growth."

Angela Warren

VP of Business Development and Realtor Relations

"I’d like to thank you once again for the excellent way in which you helped me achieve my financial goals by making my reverse mortgage a reality. Your keen understanding of the products available, a most thorough knowledge of the reverse mortgage process, along with your easygoing nature made taking all the necessary steps a pleasure rather than an ordeal."

Tim M

San Diego, CA

"At Land Home, individuals are empowered to use their knowledge base and apply it where there is a need. Your job title isn't a limitation, it is an opportunity. Proactive, entrepreneurial attitudes are encouraged and rewarded. This is a corporation where you don't feel lost in the crowd, you feel like you have a voice and it matters."

Ryan Smith

Director of Communications

"I was extremely impressed with the level of customer service, attentiveness, timeliness and accuracy. I proceeded to do two additional home refi’s through Land Home Financial, and I must say, I was not disappointed! I am very happy with Land Home Financial, and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a friend or family member!"



"Working for Land Home has been a life changing experience in that I have met many of my dear friends in between these walls. I love helping people, especially doing the little things that make their lives a little easier – on a daily basis. Life would not be the same without Land Home in it - I can’t even imagine it! Land Home is a huge part of my life and I am proud and grateful to be a part of the Land Home family with all my Land Homies."

Kathy Debiasi

Executive Assistant

"Land Home is a place I feel at home. I find pleasure in going to work and that is something I cherish. My time with Land Home has taught me the power of collaboration and management is to thank for that. Land Home is structured at its roots like a family – constant interaction, constructive feedback always with a welcoming/approving spirit. At Land Home, you are unchained from the shackles of the concept of work leaving you feeling like you are providing a valuable service to people who really care about you."

Mauricio Duran

IT Analyst

"I really enjoy working for Land Home for the professionalism in the environment. I’m not treated as a number, but as a part of the company. Each day at Land Home has proven to be a learning opportunity. I truly like the involvement of the owners, I appreciate that recognition is given when it’s deserved and help offered when needed. I enjoy all people that I work with and I feel empowered to make a difference."

Sara Faraji

Underwriting Trainer

In today’s lending environment, it is a good competitive advantage to offer products that few other lenders offer. Land Home Financial has provided me the opportunity to advance my career in the mortgage industry and become well-known name in the niche market of manufactured home lending.

Richmond Chester

Loan Officer

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